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Create a Smart Career Development Plan for Your Employees

Enable leaders to achieve clear insight into the workforce competencies and skill gaps.

Empower employees to
navigate their personalized
career plans and learning
steps to ensure
development continuity.

Prepare for succession for key employees retiring or moving to new roles.

Ensure an optimal career plan
for your workforce with

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ClayHR is the second HR software we have used and it is beyond our expectations. The application is friendly and has been customized to suit our needs which is something the other software was unable or unwilling to accommodate
Teresa Carley
Future Services, Inc.
ClayHR has been a breath of fresh air for ProTax Consulting. It’s important to us as a company that we’re able to focus the majority of our time and efforts on our area of expertise. With the comprehensive software, human resources are streamlined and a total no-brainer
Marc Strohl
Founder, ProTax Consulting

Shape your Organization’s Career Development Plan

Create a master career path that aligns your organization goals with employee vision by simply uploading the tenure history data in CSV or Excel file format

Create a Master
Career Path

Guide employees towards their desired professional goals using a strategic roadmap and enable them to make informed decision about their career development

Shape Your
Employee Career

Let your employees know the knowledge necessary to advance to the next step in their chosen career plan by assigning a career pathway associated with skill gaps and trainings

Bridge Employee
Skill Gap

With a mobile-first mindset, ClayHR gives your workforce more control and convenience to map their career vision

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