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One of ClayHR’s unique features that we now can’t live without is Skill Matrix which allows us to optimize our workforce by ensuring the right person (either through hiring or internal allocation) is on the right team, working the right project, at the right time to maximize revenues while minimizing HR operating costs across our enterprise.

Eric Cash
President & CEO
Crawford Cash Consulting Group

I was fortunate enough to select a partner like ClayHR that is responsive and professional. Together, we have configured certain aspects of the software to make it relevant to my organization. I am ready to soar.

Doreen Baffoe
CHRO, Bayport Financial
Services Group

Streamline Your HR Processes with top HR software in Ghana

ClayHR is a cloud-based human capital management (HCM) suite for mid-to large-sized
businesses that manages the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to
comprehensive employee records to performance management.

Android and iOS Apps

A convenient, intuitive apps
that lets you access HR
information no matter
where you work from.

Robust Data Integrations

ClayHR integrates
with 100+ other solutions,
so you can build your own
working environment to fit
your needs.

Extensible Design

Extensible by design
architecture that allows
you to model your unique
data elements and
processes with ease.

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performance management processes

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Explore ClayHR HCM Suite

Comprehensive Performance Reviews

When employees feel appreciated and happy, their engagement deepens, and they are more likely to put in their best work.

Assess employee performance and job satisfaction, and devise a plan of action. With ClayHR, you can reinforce your organization's culture and steer your organization forward.

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Timesheets and Attendance

Track your team's attendance, and easily log your time to specific projects, including standard and overtime hours, activity type, and any additional details.

Use the all-inclusive, adaptable, and automated PTO/leave management solution. Access sophisticated analytics, anywhere, anytime.

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Modern Applicant Tracking System

Hiring the proper employees is a difficult task, and if your hiring process is inefficient, you may lose the ideal candidate.

ClayHR takes a fresh approach to hiring, with an applicant tracking system that speeds up the process from applications to offer letters.

Review Key ATS Features

Hyper Extensible Employee Records

Assembling, filing, and interpreting people’s records is a prominent part of HR. Now, manage all your employee data efficiently with ClayHR reports & analytics, customizable look, organization chart, custom fields and cloud document storage.

Go paperless with all the employee records organized in one place. Have instant access, control, sort, analyze, and take action wherever you are.

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Seamless Onboarding Experience

The employee onboarding process is the first significant impact your organization has on new employees. With ClayHR, you can make a fantastic first impression every time.

With ClayHR's customizable custom workflow, reminders, and notifications, you can set up your own onboarding procedure in a matter of minutes with a variety of features at your disposal.

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Smart Goal Management

Create SMART goals for your company in a flash. Track your Goals – Anytime, Anywhere – using our goal tracking and alignment iOS and Android applications.

With ClayHR, give your executives, management, and team members  an insight of how they're doing, and how they can improve.  Increase Employee Engagement by keeping track of target progress, evaluating papers, and providing feedback.

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Skill Management

Know your team inside out. Plan for future possibilities and talent development opportunities.

Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and hello to ClayHR's visually appealing Skill Matrix.

Establish Skill Management as a key strategic initiative and your organization's secret competitive edge.

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