ClayHR (BizMerlinHR) Named "Cool Vendor" for HCM by Gartner.
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Flexible Global HR Software to Automate your HR Processes

Hyper Configurable and Extendable. Open API Platform and Robust Data Integrations.

15+ Languages | 160+ Countries | 24 X 7 Live support

Most Configurable HR Software

Optimize your workforce acquisition, allocation and management with confidence
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Make your employee onboarding experience seamless and memorable to the easy transition of new hires into their roles
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Monitor all your employee records and handle all of your HR processes from a single and simple applications framework
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Comprehensive and Insightful Performance Management System to streamline the review process
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Empower your teams by establishing a seamless and manageable system to regulate and track attendance
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Empower your employees with knowledge and skills through training
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Reach out to better candidates, evaluate applicant information and make the best hire by using a modern and intuitive interface
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Shape your organization’s career development plan to develop leaders within the company
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Trusted by Companies throughout the World

No Drama. The product just works!

We selected ClayHR after doing a long review of all leading HRs, spanning over 3 months. If you see the advertising, the competitors promise the moon, but if you get into the details, they nickel and dime you. For example, from one of the better known competitors, we got slapped with a couple of grand “setup fee”. With ClayHR, you get zero drama. Their product just works, and the pricing is super flat. All two or three times I had to call them, I got pretty much their top leadership or a very experienced product developer on the phone, who know everything inside out, and were able to help me in like 5 mins. Again, no drama, and this is their best aspect.
Caitlyn, SW Inc.

A reliable global partner!

Our Resort has been working with ClayHR since 2017, this system does it all for us. Our 4000+ members are able to use the self-service platform to access all of their information and records and use it to access a number of areas like reservations and online payment options. The automated workflows trigger different action items, and the automatic notifications keep the information flowing. This has reduced our staff’s response time and effort to a fraction of what it was, lowering the administrative overhead. The reports we built are very comprehensive, and the team at ClayHR is always available and responsive to us, even on the weekends. Being in the hospitality industry, it is important for us to have a reliable global partner, and as far as we are concerned, ClayHR beats the competition by miles.
Richard Sullivan, North Fork Resort Association

Simplicity and ease of use

I am very impressed by the simplicity and ease-of-use of this product. My basic familiarity with HR processes allowed me to intuitively recognize all key functionality and I could start using the product without any help, demo or user guide. Two important aspects of high performing organizations are ‘clarity in expectation’ and ‘transparency in execution’. ClayHR very nicely facilitates those aspects of HR management.
Manoj Srivastava, Graphus Inc.

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