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Inverted Hiring

Let’s Try Something New!

To acquire the most accurate impression of their candidates, interviewers adopt several approaches. One of the most fascinating strategies one can implement is “Inverted Hiring”. Inverted hiring can be a daunting task for some candidates, but that is effective for the employer as this can reveal individuals who can think fast on their feet and become a pacesetter.

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Inverted hiring requires hiring managers to build the necessary skill of asking quirky and bizarre questions. Think about what might go viral if one were to conduct a random interview. Once you have the idea of hiring people on unconventional hiring topics, start with people from your own social circle. Find individuals who seem to have a quirky personality and seek out odd answers to quirky questions.

Now, when this idea becomes a bit of an experience, you will find some fascinating people who can demonstrate their personality traits and the hiring process for such people will become much easier.

Effectiveness of Inverted Hiring

The inverted hiring interview method does exactly what it says on the tin: It inverts both the roles.

So in this case, the candidate will ask you the questions huh? Seems weird right? Well,  the process is effective as you get to know what their expectations are from the company and how well they can perform when the company needs them as a vital resource.

Although the inverted hiring process might take some work on the part of both the interviewers and the interviewees, the pros outweigh the potential cons as you get to have an excellent skilled employee at the end.

Who is it for?

Inverted Hiring is a useful strategy if you are looking for candidates with different skills or in a position that needs flexibility. Someone who wants to work as a contract employee can be a good candidate for the process because they can adapt to the company if the need arises.

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It is definitely a great hiring procedure that enables you to hire people who can bring unique skills to the table that will help the company prosper in the future.


This reverse role hiring process is more complicated than the regular hiring process and it requires more knowledge but if that is what it takes to hire the best people for your organization, then why not?

If the recruitment process requires you to look for a professional who can make your job easier, hire professionals who can offer exceptional solutions to your specific needs.

Advance your organization to more success and fill your positions with skilled and dedicated people.

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