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Candidate Tracking

Streamline Your Candidate Selection Process from Sourcing to Getting Hired

Centralized Repository for All Candidates

Capture all the relevant information in standard as well as custom fields and gain real-time visibility into the application status of each candidate through customized candidate funnels. Data backup of every candidate is also secured and provides user-level security.

Reduce the Time Spent on Reading Resumes

Increase your hiring efficiencies by filtering important resume data. Automate the first step of your hiring process by extracting relevant information from resume bulk and intelligently saving it in the pre-designed fields.

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Right Candidate for the Right Job

A scattered pool of candidates can be overwhelming. Sorting candidates based on job profile can make things easy. Find the right candidate from the pool that meets your needs.

Efficient Candidate Management via Kanban Board

Using the Kanban board view, you instantly see how your candidates are moving through the selection process. The simplicity of this visual presentation provides the most valuable insights, thus enabling you to spot bottlenecks. Take action to improve process-flow and reduce hire-time by dragging and dropping candidates into the right columns.

Reach Those Recruiting Performance Standards

Create your blueprint for smarter recruiting with beautiful real-time reports consisting of metrics ranging from Candidate pipeline to Interviews to Compliance.

Offer Letter Management

Streamline your hiring process with our comprehensive Offer Letter Management feature. Create, customize, and manage offer letters effortlessly, providing a seamless experience for both HR professionals and candidates.

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See how ClayHR can help you source, nurture and hire better people.

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