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Workforce Planning

Plan and Schedule Resources with Confidence

Analyze & Act

Make smarter and faster decisions with AI-driven insights

Responsive Mobile Design

View projects in android and ios supported apps

Oversee Plans

Plan effectively with workforce forecasting

Stay Aligned

See real-time impacts of project updates

Operational Workforce Planning

Transit workload from overutilized personnel to underutilized personnel effortlessly and deploy workforce as efficiently as possible with ClayHR.

Workforce Scheduling Optimization

Agile Roster Management.
Seamless allocation of different shifts to multiple people.
Empower employees by giving them access to their Roster.
Personalized shift view for users to keep them updated with their work schedule.

Organization Transformation Management

Seamless creation of multiple organizational units.
Set different org units levels by defining parent and child units.
Table View & Hierarchy View to intelligible visualization of organization structure.
Import already created org units seamlessly.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Monitor, assess, and align your workforce in a consistent matrix view to ensure the long-term performance of your action plans that support business strategy by executing your business strategy with the right people, with the right expertise, at the right time and expense.

See All Resourcing Plans at One Place

Create and track all projects in one screen, spot hurdles and plan more easily to cover future projects and opportunities. Manage project updates, documents and milestones all on a single page.

Optimize your workforce acquisition, allocation and management

Forecast How the needs Will Evolve

Envision the entire workforce tracking over-committed and under-utilized team members in order to produce accurate forecasts for optimal planning that is aligned with the organization’s performance.

Keep Track of All Accounts

Integrating the financial planning system with every project provide immediate visibility into budgets and forecast costs and margins which helps to stay within the budget for the profitability of the company.

Professional Services Automation

Adopt a habit of delivering in time by automating time-consuming processes. Achieve continuous performance without expanding resources and cost.

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All your HR and project planning data in one place

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