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Timesheets & Attendance

Comprehensive and intuitive workforce management for every organization

Multiple Clock In Options

Submit your timesheets by clocking in through multiple methods such as browser, mobile application, kiosk, QR code, API, or biometric Integration effortlessly

Efficient Geofencing

Define specific geographical boundaries using ClayHR's Geofencing and ensure accurate track of employee's clock in/out location. Enable employees to clock in or clock out only when they are within the designated area to foster accountability and contribute to a productive environment.

Intuitive User-Interface

Submit your weekly/biweekly/monthly timesheets for approval using an incredibly easy to use interface. Approved timesheets can be seamlessly combined into a collective report which is very crucial for the payroll sector as well as for the HR department.

Seamless Approval Flows

Set who approves timesheets for whom and let the automated process run behind the scenes. Verify the number of timecards, total time, and pending approval level effortlessly.

iPad Kiosk Application

Track time worked from any device. Convert any browser, tablet, or phone into a sophisticated employee clock in/clock out kiosk app.
No need to buy a cumbersome device, use the easily available iPad to deploy and access the app.
Use the ClayHR Kiosk application on iPad on the entrances to track in and out time.

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Seamless Biometric Integration

Get rid of keeping on-paper track of every employee's attendance. Integrate with Biometric Application and let the ClayHR's auto-generated timecards system handle the track of employees' attendance precisely and securely.
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Schedule Employees’ Shifts Effortlessly

Equip your workforce with a Streamlined Roster Management System. Organize multiple shifts/rosters and manage employee workload effectively with ClayHR.
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