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Extensible by Design

Your organization is unique – with its environment, data and processes.

You need a system that is rich in configurability so that you can model your data and your processes in a natural, intuitive and powerful way.

ClayHR is extensible by design.

You can integrate with all the other systems in your ecosystem.  You create and extend your own custom data elements.  You can define, name and
streamline your processes
Run your organization in the way you want to, not the way you have to.

Custom Fields & Groups

You can create custom fields beyond the standard fields to track the information that is relevant for you, in a way that makes sense to you: checkboxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons, text, dates.  For each of the custom fields, you can control who can view and edit that field. And yes, you can also report on the custom fields.  You can group and order the Custom Fields in Custom Field Groups of your choice.

Custom Lists

It can be a pain to manage multiple dropdowns and keep them consistent.  Rather, use a custom list to serve as a master for dropdown lists that you can use throughout the application.

Custom Tables

Create custom tables so you can track all those details and information in your core employee records.  Having comprehensive employee records is a bedrock of a solid HR foundation.

Custom Workflows

Workflows allow you to guide a process with tasks, checklists and deadlines. These workflows can have as many different phases or sections and as many steps or tasks as you need. You can assign them to users and track their level of completion.

Custom Shortcuts

Launch workflows from the admin section in a user record using shortcuts.