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Performance Feedback & Kudos

Boost your morale to feed-forward

Empower, recognize, and foster!

Motivate employees with real-
time feedback by tracking  
performance and progress

Maximize feedback impact by assigning training opportunities to cover skills gaps

Boost engagement in feedback by
expressing appreciation with
emojis and awarding badges!

Craft an elaborated and insightful feedback description effortlessly with Integrated ChatGPT by using the most salient points
Employees who receive constructive feedback are three times more likely
to recommend their company as a great place to work.

Empower Growth through Feedback

Toss Off Feedback on the GO!

Transform your feedback process for
efficient business growth by effortlessly sharing
feedback from anywhere with our iOS and Android apps

Request Feedback that Leads You to Grow

Request valuable feedback from your colleagues,
supervisors, and peers to gain insights and
improve your skills

Show on the Wall What Matters to You!

Review feedback before embracing it and control
the visibility of the feedback to those
who can see it

Use Notifications Your Way

Configure notifications, reminders, comments, and
reactions. Use our feedback integration to send
notifications via Slack and Microsoft Teams

Supplement your Feedback with Performance Reviews,
Skill Management and Training

Evaluate and enhance employee performance
Analyze the team’s delicacies, empower them with expertise and skills.
What you focus on will grow
Access, track and report each employee’s skills and competencies all in one place with an agile skill management tool
Drive development with trainings
Analyze delicacies of the team, empower them with the knowledge and skills through trainings