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Career Planning

Shape your organization’s career development plan

Map Employee Career Vision

Publish career paths for your workforce that combine their objectives with the needs of the company.  Empower employees to navigate their personalized career plans and learning steps or explore new career plan altogether.

Develop leaders and effortlessly map skills and competencies
to goals and aspirations

Bridging Skill Gap for Success

Precision in bridging skill gaps is achieved through insightful skill gap analysis. Motivate your employees to cover the skills gaps through our recommended learning programs and utilize the "Talk to an Experts" feature for guidance and support.

Open Your Internal Career Marketplace

Promote professional growth within your organization by establishing internal positions, encouraging job mobility for existing employees. Empower your workforce to explore diverse roles, enhancing skill development and promoting a dynamic, adaptable work environment.

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Integrated Succession Planning to Plan for the Future

Prepare for the succession of key employees retiring or moving to new roles. Ensure an optimal plan for the workforce to increase employee engagement and retention to avoid talent vacancy costs by increasing bench strength with a complete succession planning tool. Aligning individuals with roles that match their skills, competencies, and work style.

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Strategic Learning for Seamless Career Growth

Empower leaders by providing valuable insights into workforce competencies. Achieve targeted growth through the completion of recommended learnings, automatically updating your skill level and aligning it seamlessly with your career planning objectives.

Simplify your career planning process

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Empower your expertise with
our skills platform

Assess your team's strengths, empower them with tailored expertise and skills through our Skills platform, designed to align with individual performance trends.
Drive employee development with learnings

Analyze the team’s delicacies, empower them with expertise and skills through a robust training plan that suits their individual performance trends.
Revolutionize succession planning
with our integrated HR database

Elevate your organization's future by implementing a robust succession plan tailored to identify, nurture, and empower tomorrow's leaders.