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Certified HR Professional Training Program

The ClayHR Certified HR Professional Training certification is intended for individuals who are responsible for tasks related to HR management, such as designing HR policies and procedures, supervising the implementation of comprehensive HR operations, managing an entire HR organization, or guiding the integration of HR strategies with the goals of the organization.

A Smooth Path to Become Certified HR Professional

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Course training that gives you a better understanding of HR practices and keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends and regulations

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Get evaluated by industry experts. Assessment test to determine your learning and make you aware of your plus and minus.

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Passing assessment test makes you a certified HR professional and makes you eligible to handle a global workforce in any global organization

Types of Trainings

  • Performance Management
  • Onboarding Training
  • Core Employee Record
  • Hiring Training

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for obtaining a ClayHR certification require you to have at least two years of experience in performing HR-related duties at a strategic level.

Your current or previous work in HR must be focused on strategic activities that shape the organization's culture, formulate HR strategies, or develop policies, among others. Furthermore, you must also have experience in leading HR operations.

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Exam Format

  • One & half hours in length (One and a half hours will be dedicated to training, with the remaining 30 minutes allocated for the test).
  • 15 questions (Multiple Choice questions).
  • Computer-based testing experience.
  • You can take the exam from home through live remote proctoring.

Exam Composition

The ClayHR examination comprises multiple-choice questions derived from the training materials provided to you. These questions are designed to assess your knowledge and comprehension of the subject matter, as well as your ability to apply the concepts learned to real-world scenarios.

The multiple-choice format allows for efficient grading and objective evaluation of your performance, while also providing a clear and concise means of presenting the questions. Overall, the use of multiple-choice questions in the exam composition ensures a fair and reliable assessment of your preparedness and understanding of the training content.

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