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How to assign a benefit to a user

Benefits are additional incentives and perks offered by employers.

  1. To assign a benefit to the user, navigate to the Benefits tab under Financials on the user view page of the user.
  1. Click on Add User Benefit, a pop-up will open with various fields concerning benefit details.
  1. Fill out the various fields in the pop-up which have their significance.
    Benefit Name- Name of the benefit to be assigned to the user from the list of benefits created.
    Activate & End date- Start and end date of the benefit assigned to the user.
    Post filling out the mandatory fields click on the save user benefit button to assign a benefit to the user.
  1. We can also assign benefits to a user from benefits administration under compensation and benefits.
  1. Click on a particular benefit that we want to assign to a user.
  1. Under the Enrollments tab, click on Add Enrollment to select which user to be enrolled in the given benefit.
  1. Post clicking on Add Enrollment, a pop-up will open. Fill in the user name, activate & end date, and then click on Enroll User. This will add the user to the benefit.

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