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Professional Services Automation

Automate | Forecast | Optimize

Streamline tedious and time-consuming processes. Utilize your workforce effectively and efficiently.
Drive stronger margins through real-time visibility.

Comprehensive View of Allocated Projects

Access all prominent information about the assigned projects, including team members, profiles, allocation percentages, and project duties, in one place.

Seamless Project Allocation

Assign people to project effortlessly by filling out a few necessary fields. Streamlined pay evaluation of billable team members. Make assigned user project admin with just one check.

Let’s take your team planning to next level!

Precise Analysis of Team Gaps

Easily identify deficiencies in team and bridge the gaps to build a balanced and productive team.

View History of Team Changes

Monitor changes that occurred in the project with ease. An intelligible view of team changes made in past such as creation of the team, addition, removal of team members, etc.

Auto-generated Org Chart of Allocated Users

Auto-generated org chart illustrates employee’s hierarchical status relative to other individuals within the project. An explicit tree view also shows the name, image, and designation of the allocated user to the project.

Automated Project Invoicing

Save time by automating your billing process with streamlined invoice generation. Improve accuracy and transparency by providing a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the project. Automatically include approved timesheets, project billing categories and overtime coefficients.

Unlock your team’s full potential with ClayHR!