Ask HR

Conversational Virtual Assistant

Employees can ask questions, obtain answers, and conduct routine HR procedures without having to wait on their HR help desk.

Key Solution Features

Save HR's Valuable Time

Free your HR team from repetitive queries by entrusting AskHR to handle routine employee questions. Let your HR professionals shine where it matters most – strategic decision-making.

Effortless Implementation

Effortlessly upload and train your documents, from policies
to handbooks. In just a minute, unlock the power to ask any
questions related to your documents.

Instant Responses

Say goodbye to tedious document readings and lengthy HR
consultations. With AskHR, you'll have instant answers at your
fingertips within seconds. Your queries are resolved in a snap!

Tailored to You

Infuse your corporate identity and style into your AI Assistant.
Choose a name that resonates with your company culture, and
select an avatar that embodies your brand. Customization has
never been this chic!