Pregunte a RRHH

Asistente virtual conversacional

Los empleados pueden hacer preguntas, obtener respuestas y llevar a cabo procedimientos rutinarios de recursos humanos sin tener que esperar a su mesa de ayuda de recursos humanos.


Empower Your HR Team with AI-Powered Efficiency!

Immediate Assistance

Provide rapid responses to HR inquiries, enhancing productivity by reducing wait times for information.

Constant Availability

Support employees across various time zones with 24/7 accessibility, which can be crucial for remote and international teams.

Efficient Scaling

Handle increasing query volumes effortlessly as the company grows, without needing extra HR personnel.

Save HR's Valuable Time

Free your HR team from repetitive queries and enable them to focus on their strategic initiatives.

What can Ask HR do for you?

Tailored to You

Infuse your corporate identity and style into your AI Assistant. Choose a name that resonates with your company culture, and select an avatar that embodies your brand. Customization has never been this chic!

Check Your Leave Details Instantly

Just ask your question about leave records, and Ask HR promptly retrieves details about your leave requests, including dates, policies, and essential information about your taken leaves.

Explore Open Positions Hassle-Free

Looking for career advancement opportunities within your company? With AskHR, you can now effortlessly browse open positions directly through the virtual assistant. Get insights into job descriptions, requirements, and application procedures, all without leaving the conversation.

Intelligent Knowledge Retrieval

Even if the information you seek isn't explicitly documented, AskHR leverages its own knowledge base to address queries beyond the scope of uploaded documents, ensuring comprehensive and accurate responses every time.

Multilingual Support

Language is no longer a barrier with AskHR. Whether you prefer English, Spanish, French, or any other language, our virtual assistant is equipped to understand and respond to queries in multiple languages, fostering accessibility across your workforce.

Candidate-Focused Assistance

A separate instance of AskHR specifically caters to your candidates. From application status updates to interview guidelines, aspiring talent can engage with our virtual assistant throughout the recruitment process, receiving timely assistance at every step.