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Our Mission

ClayHR is on a mission.  We want every company to have a great HR experience, and to be free to do what they really set out to do.  Their HR experience should be free of any friction.  It should be invisible until it is needed, and play the powerful cross functional role when appropriate.

Within this mission, we recognize 3 core characteristics of HR:

HR experience is broad: From Hi to Hire to Retire, there is a lot in between.  So, HR is broad by its very definition and will remain so for a long time (at least until the robots replace us).  ClayHR aspires to be comprehensive, well integrated, and to serve as the base HR application framework.

HR experience is varied: Every company is unique.  There are no “set choices”.  Everything is configurable.  To start a company and to configure your HR processes can (and does!) take some thinking. However, once it is done, the experience is likely unique to your organization.  Your HR software should make that experience seamless.

HR experience is diverse: The users, end customers and partners in the HR processes come from many different backgrounds and ability levels.  Some people have memorized the time off manuals of their state, and read regulatory notes for bedtime reading. Others live and breathe workflows and business process automation. And still others think of their involvement with HR as pressing a green button on a tablet in the morning and a red button in the evening.  Each of them brings a unique perspective to HR, and needs a seamless experience.  It is our job to provide them with that experience, even within this diversity of expectations and needs.

If this mission interests you, read more, and if it further aligns with your thinking, check out our open positions.