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Objectives and Key Results

Leverage OKRs to drive your company forward


Set the most important initiatives to unite teams

Key Results

Measure results for greater objectives

Immediate Updates

Track real-time updates of objectives’ progress

Future Strategy Planning

Plan new strategic objectives beforehand

Visualize the Big Picture. Step Into Details

Replace time-consuming spreadsheets with an OKR management tool. The dashboard provides a centralized view of all data from around the company on personalized dashboards that have a clear direction, enabling everybody to collaborate together to achieve the big picture.

Track Progress - From Anywhere, at Anytime!

To make better operational decisions, see continuous, contextual progress data. Eliminate the need to create digital reports on a regular basis. Enable everyone to keep track of their progress in ClayHR.

Collaborate & Achieve Common Objectives

Set a company-wide or department-specific target. Also, You can collaborate with a number of employees to work on different key results to achieve a common goal.

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Plan Comprehensively, With Confidence

For greater clarity and better performance, capture OKRs, relevant documents and comments, progress history, and far more meaningful information. Analyze data and come up with actionable ideas for the whole organization.

Take a deeper dive into objectives and key results

Manage Access for the Entire Team

With the hyper configurable permissions, you can give users access to anything from key functionalities to custom fields.

Foster alignment and focus across the entire organization using ClayHR’s OKRs

Supplement your OKRs with Goal Management
and Career Planning

Set goals that are realistic for your team
With the goal setting and tracking module, you can set and track SMART goals that are aligned with business objectives.
Shape your career plan
Give your employees the visual roadmap they need to easily link map skills and actions to the organization’s career growth.
Cover Employee's Skill Gap
Keep track of your skills and use targeted training resources to bridge the difference between where you are now and where you want to be.