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Employee Workflow Management

Streamline your HR Process Elegantly

Forget chasing after people and working through stacks of forms, optimize your time by streamlining your HR processes
with ClayHR’s workflows. You can effortlessly design, delegate, and stay on top of your processes with our
paperless environment. It only takes a few clicks to get started.

Create Workflows that Fit

Divide your workflows into phases and steps. Simply drag & drop to configure and automate your workflows to the specific needs.

Go Paperless

Keep the processes paperless and free from human intervention.
Online onboarding allows you to complete the tasks ranging from reading/filling a document to signing a document electronically to ensure smooth transition into a new role.

Update the Employee Data Dynamically

Create real time updates with the parameters section when you want to modify employees’ data at the time you are assigning the workflow. Read more about how to leverage this feature here.

Build an Onboarding Process That Makes It an Amazing and Unforgettable Experience.

Assign Workflows Effortlessly

Launch workflows both individually and in bulk to streamline the process. Save time and effort by assigning workflows for a specific department or location with the feature to launch the workflow at a later date.

Stay on Top of Things

Monitor individual workflows with a checklist dashboard to see real time progress. Send reminders in addition to the automated reminders, to ensure tasks are completed on time.

Manage HR Tasks Easily

Manage all your HR tasks easily, from managing simple to-do lists to helping teams work and collaborate better. Enhance your productivity by utilizing the services like notification inbox, automatic alerts, project management, and so on.

Simplify Onboarding Process with Automated Workflows

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