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The ClayHR Platform
Comprehensive HR Application Framework

Seamless Integrations Within Your Ecosystem

ClayHR makes all your tools work better by letting you integrate industry-leading software and custom apps right into HCM.
Also, ClayHR supports an open API, so you can push information to ClayHR and have it pull information from other systems.

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                                                            Great All-in-One HR Suite

                       ‘We had evaluated various HR products before finalizing on ClayHR. The product is terrific and comes with great customer service.                                  The roduct helps in managing the complete HR cycle – from hiring a candidate, to managing the big teams within the company. This product will                                                                              completely automate the HR processes and can be easily customized.’

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Manish Chaturvedi - Partner, ARCER Solutions, Inc.

                                                          A Suite of Integrated Modules

                                                  Hyper-Extensible Employee Records

Assembling, filing, and interpreting people’s records is a prominent part of HR. Now, manage all your employee data efficiently with ClayHR Reports & Analytics, Customizable look, Organization chart, Custom field, Cloud document storage, and Easy integrations.

Go paperless with all the employee records organized in one place.
Imagine what it is to have instant access, control, sort, analyze, and take action wherever you are? Yes, it’s that easy.

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                                                                Easy On Boarding

                                    Paperless process. Better compliance. Excited new hires!

The first real impact your organization makes on new employees is with their employee onboarding process. Make a great first impression, every time with ClayHR.
With a range of features at your disposal, you can set up everything in a matter of minutes with Tailor ClayHR’s flexible custom workflows, Automated Workflows, Reminders, and Notifications.
Set up your custom onboarding process in just a few clicks.

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                                                                 Smart Goal Setting

                                            “Accomplish what makes sense for your team”

Set SMART goals For your company in a flash.Track your Goals – Anytime, Anywhere with our mobile-friendly goal tracking and alignment ios and android apps.
Moreover, this provides executives, management and team members the understanding of not just how you’re doing, with ClayHR Get everyone on the same page by monitoring goal progress, reviewing documents, and giving comments and Increase Employee Engagement.

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                                                                 Performance Reviews

        “A comprehensive performance management that adapts to the culture of your organization”

When employees feel valued and satisfied, their investment in the company grows and they will be far more likely to work hard which will at last lead to better performance and high profits. You need to measure employee performance ,Also compute their overall satisfaction and create an action plan for the same. ClayHR can do all of the above, giving you what you need to strengthen culture and guide your organization forward.

                                 Feedback in action: Increased motivation and productivity!

                             ‘Goals and Performance management piece is amazing. Our teams are using on almost daily basis and has increased the motivation and productivity.                                                   I must say our organization has become more transparent in terms of giving and receiving constructive feedback.’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Nathan Williams - HR Lead, Trosaic.com

                                                      Goals! Our most used module!

                                 ‘The goals module is our biggest used module. For their price point, the goals, instant feedback, applicant tracking and on boarding,                                                                          we are saving almost 30% of what we were spending, while getting a whole lot more.’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Caitlyn H -HR Manager, SW Inc.


                                 “Modern recruiting system for streamlined team-based hiring”

Task of hiring the right people is very hard and if your hiring process is slow then maybe you can lose the right candidate. ClayHR brings a modern approach to hiring, with an applicant tracking system that improves the pace of the process starting from applications to offer letters.

                                                                      Career Planning

                                                   “Shape your Organization’s Future State”

Each and every employee focuses on where they want to be in life professionally. ClayHR can help to plan their journey in their professional life. Publish career pathways for employees that combine their aspirations and your company’s needs.

                                                                      Skills Management

                                                            “What you Focus on will Grow”

Really know your team. Easy views of who knows what. At what level. Plan for future opportunities, gaps and talent development. Say Goodbye to tiresome spreadsheets, with ClayHR adapt visually appealing Skill Matrix to view skills. Filter all your people by skill types. Skill Management is a key strategic initiative that unlocks the benefits to access, track and report skills and interest levels of all the people in one place.

                                                        Timesheets and Leave management

                                                 “Automate time and attendance management”

Track your team’s attendance in a click, easily log your time to specific projects, including standard and overtime, activity type and any additional details. We offer a comprehensive, flexible, and automated PTO/leave management solution. With ClayHR, it is very easy to track, record, monitor and evaluate your employees’ leave and attendance details.

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