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The ClayHR Platform
Comprehensive HR Application Framework

Robust Data Integrations

Explore 100+ customizable solutions
with ClayHR to tailor your perfect environment.

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Customizable HR Framework

Securely manage employee data
and construct your HR framework

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Optimize Onboarding Experience

Experience effortless onboarding; automate training, e-signatures, and department coordination with ClayHR

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Empower Goal Clarity

Set clear goals, measure progress, support continuous improvement in your organization with ClayHR.

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Strengthen Performance Reviews

Optimize performance reviews, streamline processes, and engage stakeholders effectively through ClayHR.

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Streamline Recruitment Process

Centralize job management, candidate tracking, assessments, and enhance applicant experience with ClayHR

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Plan Career Growth

Drive career development:
Leverage ClayHR for personalized paths
and exploration.

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Tailor Skill Assessments

Collect skills, streamline planning, personalize assessments, and manage skill updates seamlessly.

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Streamline Time Tracking

Ensure accuracy; establish geofencing boundaries for precise clock in/out tracking using ClayHR.

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Looking for something else?
Check out our other HR solutions

Manage all of your employee information in one place

Organize and centralize your HR database, eliminate the need for paperwork and make it available to you whenever you need it.

Employee Records

Gain helpful insights using Anonymous Employee Surveys

Get an actual understanding of what is really going on within the organization through Anonymous Employee Surveys.

Employee Surveys

Drive employee development
with trainings

Analyze the team’s delicacies, empower them with expertise and skills through a robust training plan that suits their individual performance trends.

Training and Development