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Modern Performance Review System

Foster a culture of excellence through insightful performance reviews

Elevate Engagement and Productivity with Constructive Performance Reviews

Customizable Performance Review Templates

Personalize your performance review experience, make it job profile and department specific and much more as per your needs.

Integrated Goals, OKRs & Skills for Detailed Assessment

Utilize integrated goals, OKRs, and skills to create a broad picture of an employee's performance in order to analyze it precisely.

Multiple Reviewer Layers

Involve different reviewers such as Direct Reports, Peers, Supervisors, Department Heads and even external stakeholders with no ClayHR access.

Bulk Reviews Consolidation in One Go

Consolidate multiple reviews in one go, instead of doing it one by one for each review, making the process streamlined and efficient.

Unleash Your Team's Potential

Insightful Performance Review Dashboard

Make finer choices with the dashboard’s easy-to-understand view to stay in control and on top of the process. It’s a time-saving way to keep track of people’s progress and actions.

Customizable Assessment Framework

Choose your assessment scale-type depending on your department, organization, geography, or role, ranging from thumbs up/down, red-yellow-green, 5 point scale, 10 point scale and more.

Performance Reviews in Batch

Create and manage performance reviews in bulk. Launch several reviews at once to streamline the process and save time and effort.

Integrated Compensation Management

Compensation management software is a powerful tool used for budgeting and forecasting which enhances fair pay and transparency for salary structures in an organization.

Simple Ways to Use Performance Reviews Effectively

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Supplement your Performance Reviews with Goals,
Check-ins and Training program

Set clear goals for your organization
Set and track SMART goals that are aligned with business objectives.
Accelerate your team growth
Stop the troublesome working, identify the hurdles, and work things out better
Drive development with trainings
Analyze the team’s delicacies, empower them with expertise and skills.

ClayHR is perfect for comprehensive and insightful
performance reviews for your team