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How to create benefits for the user

Employee benefits encompass perks and support provided by employers.

  1. To create new benefits for users, select Benefits Administration from the Benefits tab.
  1. Click on New Benefit on the Benefits Home page.
  1. A new page will open with New Benefits as the title. Fill in all the respective fields that are required.


Plan code- It should be a unique code for every benefit created whose value can be alphabet, numbers, or a combination of both. It is a mandatory field.
Name- Name of the benefit to be created. It is a mandatory field.
Employee Cost/Contribution- Contribution of the employee in the benefit relative to total cost. It is a mandatory field.
Employer Cost/Contribution- Contribution of the employer in the benefit relative to total cost. It is a mandatory field.
Cost/Contribution varies by employee- If the benefit’s cost contribution is uniform to all employees or it varies from employee to employee. It is a mandatory field.
Benefit Type- List of types of benefits. We need to select the most suitable type of benefit for the created benefit. It is a mandatory field.
Coverage Type- It tells us who can be covered by this benefit. It is a mandatory field.
Start & End Date- Period for which the benefit will be active.
Time in the organization is- It is an eligibility criterion. In detail, it filters out employees based on their duration of employment in the organization.

  1. You can set the benefit assignment based on the employee's eligibility.
  1. After creating the benefit, click on the Save Benefit button.
  1. To assign a benefit to the user, refer to this article.

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