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Supported Formats and Size Limits for Uploads

  1. Supported File Formats

Our platform supports a diverse range of file formats, making your experience both flexible and convenient.

You can easily upload and access:

  • Documents: 'pdf',  'docx',  'xlsx',  'csv',  'txt',  'rtf',  and 'html'.
  • Compressed Files: 'zip'.
  • Multimedia: 'mp3',  'wma',  'mpg',  'flv',  'avi',  and 'mp4'.
  • Images: 'jpg',  'jpeg',  'png',  and 'gif'.
  • Presentations: 'ppt' and 'pptx'.

  1. File Size Validation

There is a 100 MB limit on file size to keep the system running smoothly. (However, please note that depending on your internet connection, it is possible that your file upload errors out, if it takes a long time to upload the file.)

  1. Special Characters in File Name

To maintain system compatibility, we also ensure that file names do not contain special characters. Users will receive an error message if their file names include characters like ‘&’, '@', '#', '$', '%', and others.

  1. File Name Length Limit

File names are restricted to a maximum of 80 characters to maintain a clean and organized user interface.

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