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How to Post ClayHR Feedback to Microsoft Teams

About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a messaging app for teams where all conversations, meetings, files, and notes can be accessed by everyone, all in one place. 

Setting up the Integration

Follow the below-mentioned steps in Microsoft Teams to post feedback. 

  1. Create a new team and channel that will be used to receive notifications.
  2. Click on Manage team
  1. Click on the More Apps button to display the list of additional applications:
  1. Now find the Incoming Webhook, choose it, and click the ‘Add to team’ button to include the selected Incoming Webhook connector to your team
  1. Select the channel to which the Incoming Webhook should be added and click the Set up the Connector button to continue with the configuration
  1. To set up an Incoming Webhook, just add a name and image
  1. Lastly, copy the displayed Webhook URL and click ‘Create’ to complete the webhook creation
  1. Now in the ClayHR Application go to setup > Third-Party Integration
  1. Click on “Teams” or if you don’t have the Integration Type of Teams then create a new Integration by clicking on the “New Integration” button
  1. Click on ‘Push Function’, select the Object, Function and add the End Point and then Save the Post Function

Testing the Integration

  1. Click on the ‘Give Feedback’ option
  1. The user must create public feedback (Non-private) to publish it to the wall check the checkbox to post the feedback to the user’s wall
  1. When a user publishes the feedback to the wall, feedback will appear in the defined Teams Channel

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