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How to Create and Configure App Menu

  1. Navigate to the “Gear” icon and select “Look & Feel”.
  1. Choose “App Menus” and click “App Menus” again.
  1. On the App Menu page, click on “New App Menu”.
    Note: For activating modules, navigate to Setup > Your Account and Billing Information > Modules & Add-Ons.
  1. On the Menu Configuration page, specify the name of the app menu (e.g., “App Menu for Kenya”) and toggle modules on or off as required.
    Note: Multiple app menus can be created based on eg. roles, locations, etc, and assigned to different user sets, giving access to specific modules only.
  1. After configuring, click on the “Save Configuration” button.
    Note: To deactivate specific modules (e.g., “Ask HR”), toggle them off and save the configuration to ensure users do not see those modules.

How to Assign the App Menus

  1. Once the configuration is saved, a new app menu will appear on the app menu homepage. Click on the newly created app menu.
  1. On the menu configuration page, navigate to the “Assignment” tab.

  1. To assign the menu to individual users:
    a. Click on “Add Assignment,” which will open a new pop-up.
    b. Enter the name of the user you wish to assign the app menu to and click on “Save Member.”

  1. To assign the menu to users in bulk:
    a. Follow the steps outlined in the following link for bulk user updates Bulk User Update.

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