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Third Party Job Board Integration

By following a few simple steps, you can seamlessly integrate a third-party job board into your system.

Here: https://domain.bizmerlin.net/rm/setup/updateOrgdetails

1. The org name should be the legal name of the company, it could be
something like "Your Company LLC" or something like that.  Generally
it is the same as in your incorporation or official document.
2. DUNS or EIN is required.  DUNS is preferred and speeds the process
up.  If you don't have a DUNS number, no big deal, you can enter the
EIN and upload the incorporation document in
https://domain.bizmerlin.net/rm/setup/account under the "Customer
Documents" section.
3. Description
4. Website

On this page: https://demo.bizmerlin.net/rm/setup/account
1. At least one contact is needed.  It can be yourself as well, or
anyone else, like CEO etc.  Generally, this can be the same one as
relates to the section above.

On this page: https://demo.bizmerlin.net/rm/jboard/candidatePortalConfig
1. Candidate Portal Name is required, it can be something like the
legal name careers, but it can also be something more informal, like
without the LLC or Inc. part, etc.  For example, it can be "Your
Copany Name Careers".
2. In "LOOK & FEEL" setting, fill as many as possible, generally the
LinkedIn page is the most important one.
3. In "EMAIL CONFIGURATION" tab, you need to specify both the email
addresses.  They can be the same like "careers@yourcompany.com" or
your personal email address etc.

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