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What are Funnel Automations?

Funnel automations facilitate effective automations (for example, emails/text messages to candidates) when the candidate moves through the position’s funnel. These automations can significantly help improve the candidate experience, lower the load on the HR, and improve the overall recruitment metrics.

How to Create Funnel Automation

  1. Go to the “Gear Icon” and select “Hiring”.
  1. Select the “Candidate Management” tab.
  1. Click on “Candidate Funnel.”
  1. On the homepage, open any funnel.
  1. On the funnel view page, click on the “Funnel Automations” tab.
  1. Click on “New Automation” to add an automation.
  1. Select the “Funnel Status” and “What does this step involve?” option. Automation can be applied to any status that has been added to the funnel.
  1. After selecting the above, now select the email template to be sent as per the chosen funnel status.
  1. Click on “Add Automation”. New automation will be added successfully.
  1. To update an automation, click on the automation and update the details.
  2. To delete an automation, click on the delete icon under the action tab.
  3. Now when this candidate funnel is assigned to a position and that position is assigned to a candidate, the funnel will appear under the position tab on the candidate's viewpage.

  1. Upon selecting the funnel status on which the automation is applied, the respective email notification will be sent to the candidate.

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