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How to activate an inactive user

ClayHR enables you to change the status of an employee. This feature allows managers or HR personnel to update an employee’s status from active to inactive.

This feature is only available to users with admin rights or “User Administration” permission.

  1. Go to the “People” module, click on “Directory”, and select “Inactive Users” by applying the “Status” filter.

  1. From the displayed list of inactive users, click on the name of the required user.

  1. Go to the “Admin” tab and click on the “Activate User” link to activate the user.
  • Note: However, please keep in mind that if the user’s end date is set and has already passed, the user will become deactivated again when the automated process runs later during the day.  In order to activate a user, and keep them active, it is important to also set the end date to a future end date, or remove it altogether.

  1. ​As a result, the inactive user will become an active user.

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