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How to use Assessment Scales in Check Ins

In the check in process, an assessment scale is used to rate and evaluate goals or skills effectively. This allows for a structured and objective assessment, enhancing the quality of the communication between supervisors and employees.

  1. Assessment Scales are utilized during Check Ins when defining an agenda for a new check in session with an employee.
  2. When adding a new agenda item, there is a toggle option to select either 'comments only' or 'comments and numeric value'. The toggle is off by default, indicating that only comments will be included. If the toggle is turned on to 'Comments & Numeric Value', the Assessment Template will be activated.
  1. Choose an assessment template from the dropdown menu, which can be of any type such as drop-down, radio button, or slider.
  2. The chosen assessment template type will be showcased on the Check In Complete page. Evaluations can be assigned to the added metrics in that agenda.

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