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Sync ClayHR with Naukri

ClayHR sync with Naukri enables the push of publicly published positions from ClayHR to Naukri. It also allows the applicants to apply to particular positions from Naukri to ClayHR.

Setup Naukri in Third-Party Integrations

  1. Go to the top right “Setup” menu and click on “Third Party Integrations”:  Setup -> Third Party Integrations.

  1. On the Third Party Integrations page, click on “New Integration”, select “Job Board” as Integration Type,  and choose “Naukri”.

  1.  Enter your Auth Token in the “Auth Token” field.


  1. Click on “Save Integration”,  to save the details.

  1.  Now, you are ready to Integrate with Naukri.


Push position to Naukri

  1. On the position home page,  open any ‘Publicly Published’ position.
  1. On the position view page, click on the “Publishing” tab.



  1. To push position to Naukri following points should be followed:
  • The maximum work experience and minimum work experience should be mentioned.


  • Minimum one skill should be assigned to the position.


  • Category should be assigned to a position.


  • On the position edit page, 'Organization Website’ and ‘Naukri Industry Type’ fields should not be empty.


  1. Click on the ‘Naukri’ button.
  1. Position will be pushed successfully to Naukri.



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