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Resume Parsing

Map Your Data Accurately, and Intuitively

Automated Resume Parsing

A resume parser is an automating tool that extracts relevant information such as name, years of experience, skillset, education, etc., and stores that information in a structured format. This can be done on thousands of resumes at one time.

Improve Resume Screening Efficiency

Storing parsed information in a structured format enables the hiring team to use it in an efficient way for screening candidates. Skimming through the organized data is far more efficient than going through every resume and choosing the right candidate for the job.

Keep Your Data Consistent

A resume parser will maintain its consistency irrespective of the number of resumes you are adding. Whether it’s a few dozen or 1000 resumes, it’ll become easier for the hiring team to select the best candidate for the organization.

Resume Parser Pricing

  • Screen your resume effortlessly
  • Enjoy free parsing for first 20 resumes.
  • Pursue unlimited parsing @ $0.20 per resume.

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