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Compensation Management

Simplify the entire compensation cycle to reward employees in a fair and consistent way

Empower Your Workforce with Effective Compensation Management

Streamline the Compensation Update Process

Manage salary progressions with flexible structures that ensure fairness and consistency in decision-making and help managers to make objective decisions, eliminating the need for consolidating numerous Excel files.

Performance Review-Based Compensation Alignment

Make smarter compensation decisions by calculating accrual on the basis of performance review scores that help HRs oversee and drive the process.
Propose compensation adjustments directly through performance reviews and seamlessly integrate them into open compensation proposals, streamlining the process with efficiency and precision.

Allocate Budget Effectively

Reward employees easily and fairly while staying within budget. Automatically flag out any proposal that exceed budget limits and also highlight cases where maximum compensation may exceed job profile limit. This ensures proper budget management and supports well-informed decision-making.

Fair compensation is not just a good to have. For us, it is a
core investment in employee satisfaction and productivity.

Doing Updates in Batch Was Never So Easy!

Distribute budget throughout the organization seamlessly, let go of the manual process of maintaining spreadsheets. Automate the process with ClayHR’s compensation management system by paying off in bulk based on real-time insights that saves time and lets you manage compensation and rewards effectively.

Integrated Approval Flow

Handle the approval and execution of compensation proposals, ensuring a streamlined workflow. Simplify and automate the process to ensure compliance and adherence to data governance standards.

Insightful Compensation Overview

Explore a comprehensive and insightful overview of compensation in our platform. Gain a clear understanding of the total compensation for each department, job profile, location, and compensation type.

Trusted data and intuitive software you need to make
compensation decisions with confidence

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