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Skill Matrix

Navigate Your Team's Skills with ClayHR Skill Matrix

Discover Team Strengths

Elevate your workforce management with our user-friendly Skill Matrix – a powerful tool designed to effortlessly assess and highlight your team's key strengths and growth opportunities. Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and embrace a smarter way to enhance your team's capabilities.

Automate Competency Level Updates

No need for manual updates on your team's skills – ClayHR takes care of it automatically. Based on 6 different signals in your HR system, competency levels get promptly reflected in the matrix, saving you time and effort.

Enhance Employee Growth and Career Plans

Assists users in understanding their skill gaps so that they can identify learning opportunities required to become a better fit for their current job, and enhance their career planning and growth. Understanding the skills required for promotion to the next level plays a crucial role in fostering the individual's professional development.

Analyze Skill Sets with Actionable Insights

Show each employee's skills and their proficiency levels. Use colors to easily identify who excels in specific areas, who meets requirements, and where improvements are needed. Visual representation helps the organization operate more efficiently. improvements.

Create and Save Custom Views

Filter matrix by Organization Unit, Project Group, Project, Job Profile, and Skill Type. Create your view using specific filters, focusing on the skills that matter to you. Effortlessly create and save multiple views for quick access, enabling seamless navigation and a more efficient workflow.

Empower career growth by pinpointing skill gaps, guiding learning for job fit and promotions

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