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Indeed-ClayHR Integration

Publishing ClayHR Positions to Indeed

Indeed-ClayHR integration allows you to publish positions directly from ClayHR ATS to Indeed.
Note: YOU DO NOT NEED to have an account in Indeed to be able to publish your open positions in Indeed, and benefit from their reach and distribution. Your new positions will be published on Indeed after 24 hours.

To be able to publish your positions directly in Indeed, please check that the following details are in place:

  1. Ensure all your open positions are published within ClayHR: Indeed will not honor your ClayHR-Indeed's Integration unless ALL your open positions - that you might have already published on your own website, for instance - are also created and published through ClayHR's ATS.
  2. Location details: Your company locations need to specify the following fields: city, state, zip, and country. For example, if the company location only has "HQ" as the name, but no other details, then Indeed may not be able to identify the actual location.
  3. Email Address: In your Job Board configuration, you have specified a working email address as the point of contact for Indeed.
  4. Indeed Terms and Conditions: And finally, double-check that the Indeed terms and conditions check box on the Job Board Configuration page is checked.

That's it!  Be ready to accept all those wonderful candidates from Indeed, which will be clearly marked with the Source of Indeed.

*All open positions will be published in Indeed. Publication of positions in Indeed is not position-specific.

Indeed Guidelines for Positions

ClayHR enables you to post a position to Indeed. So, follow these guidelines to make sure your publicly published positions are posted successfully on Indeed.

No Test Positions

Do not add words like “Test” or “Testing” in any positions that you intend to publish publicly.

Incorrect: Software Developer Test

Correct: Software Developer

Do Not Include Location in Position Title

Do not add the location in the Position name.

Incorrect: Software Developer Detroit

Correct: Software Developer

Location should be added in the Location field for position details.

Specify Remote Positions Appropriately

For handling remote positions, add a new Location from Setup menu.

Go to Setup menu → Organization Setup → Organization Details → Company Locations → New Location → Add Location Name and Description → In City Field, Add the Word “Remote” → Add State → Add the Country → Save

Once this remote location is created by you, you can select this from the drop down list shown in position details.

Add proper position description and requirements

The description added in the position should properly define the job and should not be left empty. Similarly, The requirements added in the position should define the expected minimal requirements for applying for the job.

Using legal customer name

While publishing the position, Indeed uses the legal name of the customer to map out the positions of the customers and publish them on their country-specific portals.

So, having the wrong customer name in the organization's details can affect the job reach.

Don’t ask for PII in Screening Questions

The Application form defined in the position is also sent to Indeed along with the position information.

So, refrain from having questions in the application form that ask for things like “Driving License Number, Social Security Number” etc.

Use only supported item types when defining the application form for the position.

As the application form defined in the position is also sent to Indeed along with the position information, so we have to make sure that our application form consists of only those item types which are supported by Indeed.

The item types are:

  1. Text.
  2. Textarea.
  3. Dropdown.
  4. Radiobutton.
  5. Checkbox.
  6. Multiple Answers.
  7. Date.
  8. Number.
  9. File upload.
  10. For your information(FYI)

Not all of our item types can be converted to indeed-specific types so, these are skipped and not sent to the indeed.

Adding Equal Employment Opportunity Questions for US-Based Jobs

To foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, Indeed now requires all US-based job postings to include equal employment opportunity (EEO) questions.

To add these EEO questions:

  1. Open the application form associated with the job position.
  2. Add or update the relevant section in the form.
  3. Click on "Declare this section as equal employment opportunity section." This will designate all questions in this section as EEO questions. You can also create multiple EEO sections if needed.

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