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Microsoft Calendar Azure Integration

Azure integration helps to bind the relationship with the ClayHR system. Users could push events like leaves, announcements, interviews, etc. from ClayHR to the Microsoft calendar.

To enable Microsoft calendar integration into the system:
1. Go to the setup menu, and click on ‘Third Party Integrations’.

2. Under the integrations tab, click on the “NEW INTEGRATION”.

3. From the “Integration Type” field, select the category of “Cloud Integration” and then click on “Microsoft Calendar”.

4. While setting up a new integration, enter the relative details:
a) User Name: Microsoft Azure account username
b) Password: Microsoft Azure account password
c) Consumer Key: Microsoft Azure application Client ID
d Consumer Secret: Microsoft Azure application Client Secret
e App ID: Microsoft Azure account Tenant ID

5. Once added, click on “Save Integration”.
Now the integration is ready to push the leaves, events, announcements, etc. onto the azure portal.

Application Registration from the Azure Portal

1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure portal.

2. From the left menu, click on Azure Active Directory for adding an application.

3. To add an application, click on “App Registrations” from the left panel.

4. Next click on “+ New registration” or on “Register an application” option for adding a new app. Fill in the required details and ‘Register’ the app.

5. Once the app has been created, use the information present under the ‘Essentials’ while setting up integration from the ClayHR system.

6. After registering an application, Generate a Client Secret key from “Certificates and Secrets” present in the left panel.

7. To add permissions, go to “Add Permissions” and click on “Microsoft Graph”.
Select “Delegated Permissions” and add the two permissions:
a) User.Read
b) Calendar.ReadWrite
8. At last provide the admin consent by clicking on the “Grant admin consent for ABC Corp”.

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