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TalentLMS and ClayHR

ClayHRHR’s integration with TalentLMS provides the ability to pull Training from your TalentLMS account. Also updates the status of the user's training for existing TalentLMS training.

Steps to create API-Key with TalentLMS

Under accounts and settings of TalentLMS,  enable API and get the API key.

Steps to integrate with TalentLMS

  1. Go to Setup menu–>Third Party Integrations.
  1. Click on “New Integration” and select “LMS” as the Integration Type.
  1. After clicking TalentLMS, Add the following
  2. Host - (Domain from TalentLMS)
  3. Authtoken - (API-key from TalentLMS).

How to sync with TalentLMS?

Click on “sync with TalentLMS” under the Training tab to pull training and user’s training records from TalentLMS.

How does a user complete training with TalentLMS?

On opening the particular training under My Training. Click on Go to TalentLMS to complete the training.

To view the “Go to TalentLMS” button, the User must be added to the User Federation.

Steps to add a user to User Federation

  1. Go to Setup menu–>Third Party Integrations.
  2. Under the User Federation, click on New User Federation.
  1. Add name, External User ID (User ID from TalentLMS Account), and source as “TLMS”.
  1. To get the External User ID, Open the profile of a particular user under users of TalentLMS.

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