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Make Safety Your Organization’s Competitive Advantage

ClayHR Safety Management System

Welcome to ClayHR Safety Management System, where workplace safety meets efficiency. Our comprehensive platform streamlines safety processes, empowering you to proactively manage safety with ease. From Safety Forms to Incident Reporting, Tasks & Checklists to Mobile Apps, Announcements & Broadcasts to Analytics & Reporting, ClayHR has you covered. Enhance safety culture, track compliance, and drive continuous improvement with our user-friendly interface and robust features. Experience peace of mind knowing you're equipped with the tools to prioritize safety and protect your most valuable asset—your people.

Safety Forms

Easily create, customize, and manage safety forms with ClayHR. From risk assessments to safety audits, our intuitive interface makes it simple to capture critical safety data. Streamline your workflow, ensure compliance, and improve data accuracy with our comprehensive Safety Forms feature.

Incident Reporting

Efficiently report and track incidents with ClayHR's Incident Reporting feature. From near misses to accidents, our platform simplifies the incident reporting process, enabling you to respond promptly and effectively. Gain insights into trends, analyze root causes, and implement preventive measures to enhance workplace safety.

Tasks & Checklists

Stay organized and ensure accountability with ClayHR's Tasks & Checklists feature. Create, assign, and track safety tasks with ease, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Improve compliance, streamline processes, and promote a proactive safety culture with our intuitive task management tools.

Mobile Apps

Access ClayHR's Safety Management System anytime, anywhere with our mobile apps. Stay connected and informed, report incidents on the go, and manage safety tasks effortlessly. Enhance productivity and responsiveness with our mobile-friendly platform, designed to keep your workforce engaged and safe.

Announcements & Broadcasts

Effectively communicate safety updates and critical information with ClayHR's Announcements & Broadcasts feature. Keep your workforce informed, engaged, and motivated to prioritize safety. From safety alerts to policy changes, our platform ensures that important messages reach your entire organization instantly.

Analytics & Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your safety performance with ClayHR's Analytics & Reporting feature. Track key safety metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve safety outcomes. Generate custom reports, visualize data, and demonstrate compliance with ease using our powerful analytics tools.