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Power Your Internal
Talent MarketPlace

An internal talent marketplace within an organization facilitates matching employees with various career opportunities, such as job openings, projects, or temporary assignments. This helps optimize talent utilization by aligning employees' skills and interests with the organization's needs, promoting internal mobility and skill development. It often forms part of a broader talent management strategy, enhancing employee experience and contributing to organizational agility.

Why Create an Internal Talent MarketPlace?

Today’s employees are looking for more – and holding onto them can be harder than ever. Employees are looking hard at what they value most and seldom is it about money alone. What’s more, organizations need to remain agile so they can adjust quickly to ever-changing business needs and be prepared for whatever the future holds.

Optimizing Talent Utilization

Maximize workforce potential by effectively aligning employees' skills with project and team requirements, minimizing skill gaps, and boosting overall productivity.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

It breaks down silos, promoting cross-functional collaboration that stimulates innovation through the exchange of diverse perspectives in problem-solving and project development.

Employee Engagement and Development

Engaging employees in shaping their careers through an internal talent marketplace enhances purpose, allowing them to take on projects aligned with their interests and strengths, fostering continuous learning and skill development.

Agility and Adaptability

In today's fast business world, adapting is crucial for success. An internal talent marketplace helps companies respond quickly to changes by moving skilled people where they are most required, ensuring a flexible and quick-thinking workforce.

The disruption of the labor market is pushing companies to match their internal talent supply to
the growing demands of the business - which is, essentially, the function of an internal talent marketplace.

ClayHR’s Internal Talent Marketplace

For employees, ClayHR’s  HCM suite combines and curates internal growth opportunities to deliver real-time personalized development paths to each individual and enable equitable access to growth opportunities. These Career Pathways feature the optimal mix of learnings, skill-based mentor matching for social learning, course-based formal learning, and internal roles to pursue next.

For business leaders, ClayHR delivers a real-time, unbiased view of workforce skills development and potential. Managers can understand the skills of their team and individual readiness for growth opportunities, and talent teams can build internal talent pipelines and deploy formal programs to address organizational skills and competency gaps through the ClayHR platform.

  • Employee Career Hub

    ClayHR’s ATS for professional growth and development opportunities - internal roles, learnings, projects, and mentors - to empower employees to own their careers.

  • Employee Profiles

    Self-updating profiles enriched with global data and career insights to better match employees with growth opportunities.

  • Automated career pathing

    Automated career pathing predicts your potential based on your skills and suggests the best growth opportunities, including different career moves.

  • Succession planning

    Forecasts an individual's readiness for a specific role and identifies potential successors for any position within the organization to ensure seamless continuity.

  • Manager Experience

    View and assess direct reports’ skill growth, skill proficiency, goals, and career progression.

  • Skills & Learnings

    Understand top skills across the organization and analyze skills growth trends.

Engage Employees with Personalized Development Opportunities

ClayHR serves employees with opportunities based on their capabilities and career
aspirations empowering them to take control of their careers.