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What's New | May 12, 2023

Maximize the Impact of Your Feedback: Let ChatGPT Help You With Powerful Suggestions

We have introduced the incredible ChatGPT integration with our robust feedback module. Now, while giving feedback, you can benefit from ChatGPT's suggestion. When you add a summary while giving feedback, you will receive instant, AI-powered suggestions based on that summary. The best part is that you can copy the suggestion and make any changes to make it your own, to give clear, concise, and powerful feedback.

Improved Check-ins Experience with Color-Coded Representations and Real-Time Progress Visibility

When it comes to Check-ins, one of the notable updates you'll find is the introduction of color-coded representations for both you as the assignee and the assigner within the Check-ins interface. Now, this color scheme is also extended to the corresponding comments made by each user. This improvement makes it easier for you to attribute them to the appropriate assignee or assigned. Additionally, it allows both you as the assignee and the assigner to view the live progress of each other while filling out sections/items within the Check-ins interface. This means that during the process of answering questions, both you and the assigner will have real-time visibility into each other's progress for every question. This feature aims to foster better collaboration between you and the assigner and provide a comprehensive understanding of the status and progress of the check-ins.

Communicate Your HR Priorities Effortlessly Using Milestone Visualization

The implementation tracker plays a vital role in your task management by helping you create various tasks and assign them to specific team members. You can set tasks as milestones, which adds intuitive graphical representations of due dates and summaries. The user-friendly interface provides you with a comprehensive view of all tasks, empowering you to effectively manage and monitor the progress of each task. With this, you can stay organized, and effortlessly communicate the value of your HR initiatives to other stake holders.

Easily Manage Recruitment Process with Improved ClayHR - Indeed Integration

The ClayHR - Indeed integration can help you expand your pool of potential candidates and enhance your recruitment efforts. By simply clicking a few times, you can automatically advertise your job openings on Indeed and boost your exposure to qualified candidates. The integration also streamlines the recruitment process by seamlessly adding job seekers' information to a comprehensive candidate record in ClayHR, saving you time and effort. You can effortlessly manage candidate status by synchronizing ClayHR and Indeed, and stay up-to-date with their progress to make informed decisions.If you haven't activated this integration, kindly reach out to your account manager.

Simplify Hiring Process: Find the Right Fit Within Your Organization

We have made a significant advancement in how you can find the best candidate for the internally published positions possessing the requisite skill set. We have added a new option to "Find matching users from the active directory." This feature lets you search for qualified candidates within your organization, thereby saving you the time invested in initial introductory trainings. You just have to make sure that when you create a position, you add the relevant job profile and skills needed for that position. Whenever the system finds the same job profile and skill set in the user record, it will appear in the applicant tab with just a single click. This ensures the appointment of a dependable professional to occupy critical roles within your organization.

Save Time and Effort with Bulk Deletion of Documents for Candidates

Experience the improved bulk deletion feature within the Docs tab for candidates, which offers an efficient way of eliminating outdated or irrelevant documents in a single action. Maintain a well-organized and clutter-free record of documents pertaining to each candidate.

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