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Manage Company Announcements in a Simple, Quick, and Creative Way!

Create and Broadcast your Message Instantly

Let the HR team save their time in rolling out the information to every employee via writing emails or posting on notice boards. Grab viewers’ attention by personalizing it with images and URLs and documents to define the type of announcement that you would like to influence.

Notify Entire Company, or Selected Groups Only

Showcase the announcements to specific users only by selecting specific departments of your organization from org unit dropdown. Set user criteria to spread relevant information and make it confidential for those who are not in a group.

Send your Announcements Globally

Pick up the location from the dropdown and send it out to the employees working with your company in a different country or city. Let them feel a part of your organization.

Add Announcements to Your Company Dashboard

Add an announcement widget on the user’s dashboard so that everyone gets notified with important information and news in your organization. ClaHR’s announcement module enables their admins to make active ones visible on the user’s homepage.

Prepare Announcements in Advance

Use a status dropdown to pull out the active, draft, and archived ones at your organization. Let creators create drafts for the future to publish.

Personalize. Streamline. Automate.

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