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Expense Approval Email Notifications

Once a user submits an expense report, the email notifications follow the expense approval flow.

Navigate to Settings → Expense Management → Expense Approval → Expense Approval Flow.

1. You can create a new approval flow or edit a previous one. Under approval flow, mention the approval flow to be followed while approving the expense report.

2. So when a user creates an expense report, the Email notification of submission goes to the user:

3. As well as the first approval flow, which is the User’s Manager in our case, receives an email:

4. The Manager can either click on Approve on the Email or can go under People- Expense Reports – Expense Report Approvals to approve or reject the expense report.

5. Once the first approver approves the expense report, the second approver (User Group- Finance in our case) receives an email notification.

6. Once all the approvers approve the expense report, the submitter receives an email notification that the report is approved.

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