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How to create an Expense Report?

  1. Go to People > Expense Reports to start a New Expense Report.
  2. Select “New Expense Report Button” from the expense home page.
  3. Give your expense report a “Title” and a “Description.”
  4. Then, by choosing “Add Expense Item,” you can add your items.
  5. Choose a certain Date, Expense Type, Currency, and Amount, as well as a Description.
  6. Select if the item is “Billable or Reimbursable”.
  7. After, adding various items to your report you can submit that for approval from the top right by clicking on the “Submit Expense Report” button.
  8. After your “Manager or from Admins” approval, you will get notified that your report has been approved.
  9. After, approval there is one more status for the reports that the manager can move to which is “Paid”.
  10. “Paid” status can be applied only for approved reports.

Learn more about Expense Approval Email Notifications.

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