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How to use Assessment Scales in Performance Reviews

Using Assessment Skills to measure the employees' metrics can help the organization to quantitatively evaluate their performance.

  1. Assessment Scales are used in performance reviews when creating or modifying an already existing Performance review or Performance review process template.
  1. Assessment Scales extend their utility when adding individual metrics within sections when creating or modifying a new performance review or performance review Process Template.
  1. When setting Sections and Final Value Assessment Scale in a new Template for Performance Reviews. The results of Performance Reviews are calculated using the chosen assessment scale, separate from the scales used for individual metrics, goals, and skills. This scale determines the total score and interpretation for the review by taking into consideration the scale of each metric of overall sections and calculating it in the selected Sections and Final Value Assessment Scale.
  1. The Assessment Scale can be added and modified for Sections and Final Value Assessment Scale in an already-created Template for Performance Review.
  1. In situations where none of the existing assessment scales are a perfect match, a brand-new assessment scale can be created by clicking on the Assessment Scale link, conveniently located adjacent to the Section and Final Value Assessment Scale and the Assessment Scale within the metric details of individual sections.
  1. The ratings on the relevant assessment scales can be seen once the performance review has been consolidated.
  1. So, when it comes to tailoring performance reviews to perfection, the organization is in complete control of the assessment scales they use.

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