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Personalize Performance Reviews beyond Templates (Admin)

Individual performance reviews’ content, even when based on existing templates, can be personalized for every individual review.

For any individual review, you can:

a. Edit or delete existing metrics coming from a template

b. Add new metrics

c. Create different metrics sections

d. Add a Goals Section: include all or specific goals the user is working on, for goals’ based performance review

e. Add a Competency/Skills Section: Import all or specific competencies/skills for a competency-based performance review

Template metrics personalization is not available for the reviews created in batch.

Personalization based on Goals or Competencies/Skills is available for review in batch

To edit the metrics in a specific performance review:

  1. Go to the top menu, "Performance" and click on “All Reviews”.
  1. Click on the review name whose metrics you want to edit.
  1. You can change the Name, Description, Relative Weight, Quantitative Assessment, and Qualitative Assessment.
  1. Click on the “Save Draft” button to save it as a draft or “Finalize Draft” to continue.

Note: Once the performance review metrics are finalized, they can no longer be edited.

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