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Reference Checks

The applicant provides information about the reference through the Reference tab, which is shown in their profile on the applicant’s portal.

2. Ensure that applicants fill in the reference information by turning a toggle ON, on the Hiring Configuration page.
To find this toggle, open the Setup menu (gear icon on the top right) and click on “Hiring”.

3. The information entered by the applicant is shown on the corresponding “References” tab on the recruiter side of the portal as well.

4. A pop-up appears when the recruiter clicks on the “Request Verification” link. In this pop-up, you find 2 different options for requesting feedback, through a “Default Verification Form” or a “Custom Verification Form”.

5. By selecting either of these options, you can send a form to the reference and receive feedback from them.
When the verification request is sent, you get an option of “Resend”.
This option is available until the feedback is submitted by the reference.

(“Resend” will resend the email notification to the reference.)

Default Verification Form

Through the “Default Verification Form”, the reference receives an email from the system. This email may look something like this…

When the reference clicks on “here” from the email, they are redirected to a page wherein they submit their response.

Once the feedback is submitted, it can be viewed right away in the Verification column. The status of verification turns to “Completed”. You can also see the date of completion underneath.

To see the entire response in detail, you may click on “Completed”.

Custom Verification Form

Through the “Custom Verification Form”, you may select a customized form from a list. This list shows all those forms which are created for external users. (Click here to see how to create custom verification forms.)

After sending the custom verification form, the reference is notified by email. This email may look something like this…

When the reference clicks on “here” from the email, they land on a page where they can submit their response. This page may look something like this…

You may view the submitted response in detail by clicking on “Completed” which is shown in the Verification column.

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