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Automobile Organization in Singapore

Industry         -     Automobile

Location        -     Singapore

Employees   -      251 to 500

Modules        -     Core HCM, Performance Reviews

About Our Client

Our client from Singapore had an employee count ranging from 251-500 lacking in ineffective performance management, and inaccurate PTO leaves management for which the organizational managers were in search of an easy-to-understand and streamlined process of managing the employee performance, PTO leave requests, and expense management.

No Performance Review Method

Every employee at the organization is putting in the best of their effort. However, there is no track of which employee has contributed the most. There are no set criteria for how the performance of the employees needs to be evaluated.

Inaccurate PTO Leave Requests & Timesheets

It was difficult for the organizational managers to maintain the PTO leave requests of the employees manually. Also, there was no accurate record of which employee spent how much on a specific task. Such inaccuracy in the management led to ineffective functioning.

Lack Of Proper Expense Management

The organization needed to have an aligned method of managing expenses. This created a lot of confusion and discrepancy at the time of reimbursement. It became a tedious task for the concerned managers to organize and manage the overall expenses accurately

Performance Reviews

ClayHR’s performance management system makes it easier for the organizational managers, and reporting managers to keep a track of the performance of the employees at regular intervals of time.

Core HCM – Expense Management, PTO Leave Requests & Timesheets

With ClayHR’s core HCM solution, the organization gets the ease of managing expenses smoothly. In addition, none of the organizational managers need to manually track or approve/reject the PTO leave requests as it can be done accurately and digitally through ClayHR.

Having ClayHR’s core HCM solution, the Organization has seen a smooth and timely functioning in its Operations

  1. By using ClayHR’s core HCM solution, the organization has benefited in many ways. It became very easy for the organization to maintain the expense record with complete accuracy. Also, approval and rejection of PTO leave requests were totally done digitally based on the selected approval flow. Lastly, a proper record was maintained of how much time was spent by the employees on particular tasks.
  2. With ClayHR’s easy-to-understand performance management system, the organizational managers kept a complete record of employees’ progress and actions. This further contributes to saving time and money

Current Stage of HR Maturity

Following ClayHR’s core HCM and performance management system, Honda KAH’s HR managers and employees are at ease.

All activities within the organization are now conducted according to specific streamlined processes. All members of the organization observe a seamless and coordinated way of working, including organizational leaders and employees.

Every employee’s performance is now recorded at regular time intervals without any delay or discrepancy. Also, all the records of the expense, PTO leave requests got aligned with this solution.