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Manufacturing Company in Spain

Industry      -      Manufacturing

Location      -      Spain

Employees  -      101 to 250

Modules       -      Core HCM, Applicant Tracking System,
                            Performance Reviews.

About Our Client

Originating in Spain, with an employee count ranging from 101 to 250, an international company specializing in engineering solutions and services and zero-emission electric mobility products was in search of a designated process of PTO leave management, candidate tracking portal, and employee performance management.

Inaccurate PTO Leave Management System

At the organization, managing the PTO leave requests of the employees was a daunting task for the organizational managers and the HR managers as there was no simplified process to track the same. This further dropped the productivity of all the people involved.

No Applicant Tracking System

Adding new people to the system was a highly time-consuming task for the organization. From managing the job openings to assessment and hiring and onboarding, everything was done manually.

Unmanaged Performance Review System

The organization was not following a systematic approach to track the performance of the employees. Eventually, this led to a decrease in employee retention as there was no recognition for the employees due to a lack of performance management.

Time-Consuming Expense Management

The company was not following any automated system to track the expenses of the employees. Every expense-related activity was done through traditional methods which led to delays in maintaining the record and reimbursements.

Aligned Employee PTO Leave Management System

ClayHR’s employee PTO leave management system allows the organizational managers and the HR managers to keep accurate track of the PTO leaves of the employees. This approach makes it easier for employees to send in PTO leave requests digitally without any discrepancies. Doing this contributes to the preciseness of the records and saves a lot of time.

Managed Performance Review System

With ClayHR, the organization will get a complete performance management solution featuring insightful performance reviews, quick feedback, and much more. Practicing this will help the organizational managers to track the performance of their employees with complete accuracy and in real time.

Modern Applicant Tracking System

By using ClayHR’s modern applicant tracking system, all the internal and external job openings of the organization are managed, tracked, and kept a record of. This gives the concerned managers the authority to access the candidate’s data and streamline the process.

Streamlined Expense Management System

ClayHR’s expense tracking system will enable employees to manage and report their business expenses effortlessly. This will simplify the expenses, approvals, and reimbursements for the employees as well as the organizational managers.

Practicing ClayHR’s core HCM solution, the Organization has observed a smooth functioning in its Operations

  1. With ClayHR’s core performance management solution the organizational managers are at ease as the managers and employees have a precise manner to track the performance at particular intervals of time.
  2. Additionally, using ClayHR, the employees and the concerned managers managed the PTO leave requests accurately and in a streamlined manner. This led to a proper approach to working at the organization.
  3. By using ClayHR, the HR managers managed their tasks efficiently and effectively as with Applicant Tracking System it became easier for the concerned managers to access, recruit, and onboard the right candidates for suitable positions.
  4. Also, with ClayHR the organizational managers and the employees had an easy-to-understand approach to keep a track of the expenses.

Current Stage of HR Maturity

The organization has greatly benefited from ClayHR’s core HCM solution, performance management, onboarding procedure, expense tracking, and applicant tracking system.

There is a predetermined and consistent working procedure for each and every activity currently being carried out. Every one of the individuals including the HR manager, the revealing administrator, and the representatives have been prepared to utilize and refresh something similar as indicated by the prerequisites.