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Why ClayHR Over Hibob?

ClayHR or HiBob: Which is better?

Human Capital Management (HCM) products like ClayHR and HiBob are designed to assist employers to manage and look after their employees. It is so important for companies to invest in HCM software to optimize a range of HR functions, from payroll and benefits administration to recruitment and performance management.

But choosing the best HCM software among all the HRIS software available in the market is not a cakewalk. This article is certainly going to lead you to choose the best HCM Software as per your organizational needs.

Why choose ClayHR over Hibob?

ClayHR covers the entire range of human capital management needs, including hire to retire lifecycle, employee recruitment, paperless onboarding, performance management (including goals, constant feedback, and formal performance reviews), and time/vacation tracking. ClayHR includes a very sophisticated competency management module that allows each and every team member to rise to the top of their capabilities and best utilize the various resources available to them. ClayHR is available to team members from their favorite web browsers as well as sophisticated mobile apps (both iOS and Android) and allows the companies to make a strong and lasting first impression with their new employees. Ultimately, people are an organization’s most prized assets, and when they have access to the very best possible system, they can maximize their own potential as well as that of the organization.

On the other hand, Hibob may be a good product when you manage a small set of employees, stick to a conventional (non-efficient) way of operation, and each of your employees is tech-savvy but if you are a large-sized organization or planning to expand your workforce then, going with Hibob could be a costly mistake.

Let’s dive deeper into a close comparison between ClayHR and Hibob.

Why do customers choose ClayHR over Hibob?

  • Intuitive User Interface

What to ask while comparing User Interface

  • Highly Configurable Performance Evaluation System

What to ask while comparing Performance Evaluation System

  • AI-Powered ATS Incorporated Talent Acquisition System

What to ask while comparing Talent Acquisition System

  • Comprehensive Talent Management Solution

What to ask while comparing Talent Management Solution

  • Effortless Employee Expenses and Assets Management

What to ask while comparing Expenses and Assets Management

  • 24*7 hours Customer Support

What to ask while comparing Customer Support

  • Intelligible iOS and Android mobile apps

What to ask while comparing mobile apps

  • Integration with 100+ third-party solutions

What to ask while comparing third-party Integration

All these factors make ClayHR a reliable HCM software and help organizations to be as efficient as possible.

Bottom line

Although it’s been more than six years since Hibob stepped in HCM Software, even after all these years Hibob struggles in analyzing and filling the organization’s needs. Software is meant to make one’s work easy, efficient, and convenient but Hibob is still very far away from doing so.

ClayHR may or may not be the best choice for small-sized businesses that want to stick to fewer than 50 employees and the organizations that neither look for expansion nor want to match with the pace of the ever-evolving technology.
But if you are a medium to large size organization with a workforce of more than 50 people, and have any plan to expand your business in the future, ClayHR is undoubtedly the product that ensures the fulfillment of all your organizational needs.

Ask these 3 questions before making your decision to buy any HCM

  • How capable is HCM software in managing the performance of your growing team effectively?
  • Does HCM software provide methods to analyze and cover the employees’ skill gaps?
  • Does HCM software empower employees to navigate their career plans to ensure continued self-development?

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