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Why ClayHR Over Workday?

A few of the many reasons why companies prefer ClayHR

Quick & Seamless Implementation

ClayHR is very quick to implement. ClayHR offers dedicated Implementation and Setup Support that you can use right away, and launch your first module in as little as 4 weeks!

No reason to wait 14-18 months to start deriving a return on your investment. With ClayHR, you can launch your first module quickly, and add a new module every 2-3 weeks, depending on your team’s readiness and “go live” plan.

Highly Intuitive UI & UX

ClayHR has a very interactive and user-friendly interface that makes the user experience seamless. Even non-technical individuals find ClayHR simple to use. Additionally, the customer support team is available 24 x 7 to walk you through various options.

Bottom line

ClayHR ensures that its customers should have their software set-up & ready to use at the earliest.

When comparing ClayHR to Workday, a few more questions may help you to discover which HRIS best fits your business:

  • How efficient is document management in system software?
  • How capable is software in providing effective learning management?
  • Does software have Goal Monitoring Dashboard?
  • Does it provide any way to generate Performance Feedback Reports?

ClayHR’s configurable framework, multilingual interface, and Globally compliant HR system make it well suited for Global MNCs. ClayHR’s AI-powered applicant tracking and hiring system enables you to hire the desired candidates seamlessly from different parts of the world.

In addition, 24*7 live customer support, 15+ languages support, and service in 160+ countries are a few of the key differentiators that set ClayHR apart from its competitors.

Ask these 3 questions before making your decision to buy any HCM

  • How capable is HCM software in managing the performance of your growing team effectively?
  • Does HCM software provide methods to analyze and cover the employees’ skill gaps?
  • Does HCM software empower employees to navigate their career plans to ensure continued self-development?

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