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HR Software is an Anywhere, Anytime Problem

Why every business needs HR Software

Every business has a set of minimum compliance requirements

  • Need to keep all employees begin and end dates for up to 5 years
  • Need to ensure compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act

           Overtime complexities can be increased if you do business in states that have
           rules more generous than the Fair Labor Standards Act

  • Minimum time for both meal breaks and rest breaks can vary by state 
  • Paid leave laws are changing and becoming more complex, with variations state by state 

Even if your business has not been subject to an audit so far, it does not mean that it could get asked tomorrow

Risks of Not Meeting Requirements

  • Fees, fines, and penalties could be the outcome of not complying with state and local labor laws. 
  • Investing in HR software that incorporates these labor regulations can help you comply with all labor laws across your operation.

The Bottomline

If you have a valid business, you need an HR software to track your essential personnel data.  That includes, at a minimum, the hire and end dates, the PTO/leave policies and their balances, their job designation and pay data. Additionally, you also want to track any contracts that the employee signed for legal compliance.

Staying compliant is not a choice, it is compulsion for a business