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Implementation Partners

Collaborate with ClayHR to help our customers implement ClayHR at every stage of their journey.

Becoming a ClayHR implementation partner, you need to work with our customers and help them properly set up and configure ClayHR for their business needs. As an implementation partner, you need to provide guidance and support throughout the implementation process, helping our customers to get the most out of our platform and realize the full benefits of using it.

                                                                                                                          Partner with ClayHR

                             Requisites for Partnering with ClayHR!

Know ClayHR Thoroughly

You must be well-versed with ClayHR to ensure a seamless implementation experience for our customers. In order to help our customers fully utilize and benefit from our platform, you must also ensure that they receive sufficient training.

Develop an Implementation Plan

An implementation plan is essential for enhancing the customer’s experience. It’s important to be adaptable during the implementation process because unexpected problems can occur. With a proactive approach to addressing issues and following a set plan, you can increase the likelihood of successful implementation.

Help New Customers Achieve Goals

Our goal at ClayHR is to help our customers achieve their objectives by offering the resources they need. It’s very important to have a clear understanding of what customers are trying to accomplish so you can customize implementation strategy accordingly.

Foster Trust with Customers

At ClayHR, we prioritize building trust with our customers by constantly streamlining their HR processes, being transparent in our business operations, and going the extra mile to meet their needs.

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What our referral partners are saying about ClayHR's partnership program!

“I have been a ClayHR partner and have worked with a wide range of customers from various industries. The customers have been able to streamline their HR processes and it has helped to propel me further as their trusted HR partner. The entire ClayHR implementation process is easy to adapt, and the software suite is robust, comprehensive, and highly configurable. The ClayHR team is always cooperative and a delight to work with. Delighted to be part of this excellent progressive mutual partnership.”

                                                                                                  Shirley Omari - Career Coach